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IncogNegro is a comedy tour de force. The “ethnically ambiguous” Maija DiGiorgio, tackles the complexities of a racialized America as experienced by a half African American/half Sicilian woman.
It’s an honest look at managing race in and around life’s relationships
with one undeniable truth bomb after another. The battle lines are drawn and Maija walks them like comedy tightropes, with the use of stand-up, music, sketch and a plethora of diverse characters. Maija is funny and raw while ripping away the pretense that any of this racial rhetoric makes a lick of sense.
Constantly being mistaken for white and not looking how she is “supposed to look”, Maija sometimes encounters friction in black and white audiences alike. Strategically crafting her humor, sometimes in the moment, Maija successfully reaches across cultures, often opening the eyes and ears of even her toughest critics. Incognegro is the first comedy special to truthfully speak to all sides of the racial divide without alienating any one side.
In this deeply personal and socially charged special, she lightheartedly dissects the very real, daily repercussions of racism, while showing how race and anti-blackness weave throughout all of our lives.
Incognegro is an unapologetic and hilarious social commentary combining Maija’s comedy and musical prowess to explain the complexities of racial diversity
during this pivotal time in history. This is a time when coalitions of black people, people of color, and white allies can create a whole new world.

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